With everything going on, did anyone else forget that Wyoming turns 130 this year? The Wyoming Department of Transportation and the Wyoming Game & Fish Department have teamed up to help the state celebrate its years of statehood as well as its wildlife.

New state specialty license plates are being made to help celebrate both. According to Oil City News, the Wyoming Game & Fish recently released a statement saying:

There are more pronghorn in Wyoming than people...Add in mule deer, elk and other big game populations, and human residents find themselves outnumbered several times over. Wyoming’s wildlife are residents, too...That’s why on Wyoming’s 130th statehood anniversary, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and the Wyoming Department of Transportation are inviting you to show your state pride with a Wyoming Wildlife Conservation License plate.

The revenue from the specialty license plates will go toward funding efforts for wildlife and traffic safety on Wyoming's highways and interstates. Thousands of big game animals die every year as a result of collisions with vehicles throughout the states highways and interstates. Such funding may go toward underpasses, overpasses, fencing, and signage that could reduce future collisions.

The new state special plates will feature the mule deer and will have an initial cost of $180, along with a $50 renewal fee outside of annual vehicle registration fees. The Wildlife Conservation Plate can be purchased by visiting the WYDOT website.

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