As cold as it has been in Wyoming, it's good know of ways to help save money on energy without compromising heat and comfort within your own home.

Alan Stoinski, manager of energy efficiency for Black Hills Energy, recently conveyed some easy tips to help your dollar stretch during the cold months in Cheyenne.

Here are 5 energy-saving tips to consider this winter.

  1. Your Furnace - An annual furnace inspection is wise as it can ensure that your heating unit is running efficiently and properly. Stoinski says it's a good idea to check your furnace filter monthly because of the windy and dusty conditions in Cheyenne.
  2. Your Thermostat - Stoinski says that average setting on a thermostat in Cheyenne is about 68 - 72 degrees. If you're still a bit chilly, don a sweater or cuddle up with a blanket to ensure an even temperature in your home. If you're going to be gone, getting a timer on your thermostat with energy saving mode while you're away and can be warmed back up by the time you return home.
  3. Heating Appliances - You always want to make sure that your heating appliances are energy efficient.
  4. Insulation - This is a very important part in you saving money during the cold months and the warm months, for that matter. Stoinski recommends a R-49 in the attic. Doing so can save you as much as 30-percent on your heating bill. Also, you want to ensure that your underfloor and other unheated areas of your home are insulated for maximum efficiency.
  5. Windows and Doors - These are places where cold air can definitely creep into your home. Double pane windows are a must as heat can escape through a single pane window almost 14 times faster than through a well-insulated wall. Make sure your doors are well caulked and sealed and check for warping, which can compromise your heating bill as well.

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