Police 'Operation Slab' Seize Methamphetamine And Weapons In Auckland
Phil Walter, Getty Images

Three Green River men and a Utah woman have been arrested on meth trafficking charges after being indicted by a federal grand jury in Casper, according to a spokesman for the Sweetwater County Sheriff's Department.

Dick Blust says they include 43-year-old Zachariah Strange, 44-year-old Darrell Gilson, and 35-year-old Jonathan Mortimer, all of Green River. A Salt Lake City woman, 43-year-old Martina Caspari (aka Martina Lane), is also charged.

The four face drug charges including conspiracy to distribute meth (all four) and possession with intent to distribute meth ( Gilson and Lane). Blust says all four were arrested Thursday and at last report were being held in the Sweetwater County jail.

Blust says the latest arrests stem from a six-month, multi-agency drug investigation that had already led to over two-dozen drug arrests in Rock Springs, Green River, Fort Bridger and Evanston.


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