Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr says despite a barrage of criticism lately, she is ignoring critics and focusing on making Cheyenne a better place to live.

In an interview with Glenn Woods on KGAB's ''Wake Up" Wyoming" program on Wednesday, the mayor said ''over half" of a $100,000 award from the Bloomberg Philanthropies would be returned.

She said she had the understanding that once the city did not win the  $1 million dollar award that was awarded to four cities as the next phase of the Bloomberg "Mayor's Challenge' program, the spending of remaining money was discretionary. So she says she spent some of it traveling to promote Cheyenne and for various other expenses. Orr says she thought that she was saving the taxpayers money.

But she said upon learning that the remaining money was not in fact to be spent at her discretion, she agreed to return roughly $33,000 that has not been spent and another $23,000 that was wrongly spent for various purposes. The mayor says the repayment of the $23,000 will come from the mayor's discretionary budget, and that "nobody is on the hook for that." The mayor also said she has no plans to step down, although she declined to say whether she plans to run for re-election in 2020.

She also claimed that recent criticism of some of the spending of the Bloomberg money by City Council President Rocky case was personally motivated.

Case issued a statement denying that:

''None of this is personal. It's called good governance. Council would not be doing its job if we didn't call out the multiple appearances of impropriety. I would love to have a meeting with her and any of the staff members that she claims that I have said this is personal."
The mayor also addressed a wide range of other topics in her interview with Woods, including a dispute over the spending of money to fix potholes and several other issues. You can hear the entire interview in the audio attached to this article.
An online petition has been posted on calling for the mayor's recall, but City Clerk Kris Jones says there is no provision for a mayor recall under local or state law.
Opponents of the mayor who say they are tired of her ''antics" have also scheduled a rally for 2 p.m. on Saturday across the street from the Dell Range Walmart store.

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