Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr took to Facebook again on Tuesday evening to again criticize state health officials for not keeping local officials informed on coronavirus cases.

Her Tuesday evening comments were the second post in the span of a few hours on the ''Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr'' Facebook page demanding that state officials do a better job of keeping local officeholders in the loop on coronavirus case information.

They came after the Wyoming Department of Health released a report on a second Laramie County resident being diagnosed with the respiratory infection. The  mayor posted the following on Tuesday evening;

''Update: We now have 2 confirmed cases and once again, the State Department of Health didn’t notify the city or the county. They notified the provider first - who took to Twitter to post. A chain of command regarding notification is needed now. It’s simple: CDC confirms to the State. The State confirms to the County. The County confirms to the City. How in all things good are we supposed to make informed policy decisions if we aren’t in the chain of information?''

Earlier on Tuesday, the mayor made similar comments on Facebook after the first Laramie County Case was reported by the dept.:

''Unfortunately, the Wyoming Department Of Health took it upon themselves to release information to the press regarding our first presumably positive case in Cheyenne of COVID-19 without including the the City/County in communication. I expect better in the future from our State leadership Governor Mark Gordon.''

The two Laramie County cases are among 15 people so far diagnosed with coronavirus in Wyoming at last report.

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