Wyoming Republican gubernatorial nominee Mark Gordon says he's not sure why people think he isn't a conservative, but he says his record shows that he is.

''I'm not going to surrender conservatism to anybody" Gordon said Friday morning on KGAB radio in Cheyenne. ''I think if you look at my record on the SLIB [State Lands and Investments] board, record for the state, it's the most conservative record of anybody who served on those boards.''

Gordon as state Treasurer is one of five statewide elected officials who serve on several state boards, along with the governor, auditor, state superintendent and secretary of state. The boards allocate various state funds for a variety of proposed projects.

When asked by KGAB morning host Glenn Woods why he is widely viewed as a moderate rather than a conservative, Gordon said ''I can't answer that question." But he said he thought all of the Republican candidates for governor in Tuesday's primary election were good people and strong candidates.

At another point in the interview, Gordon said that if elected he would sign a law barring voters from changing their registration on primary election day. A group called ''Switch Wyoming" ran a robocall campaign in the days leading up to Tuesday's primary urging Democrats to change their party registration to Republican and to vote for Gordon.

The called Gordon a "reasonable moderate," as opposed to GOP rival Foster Friess. The recorded calls referred to Friess as a ''pro-Trump conservative" and said it was important to support Gordon instead.

On health care, Gordon said he would be willing to consider asking the Trump administration for a waiver of all of the private insurance requirements mandated under the Affordable Care Act [ACA].

But while he said that would be one possible option for improving health care in Wyoming, he would also want to take a "look at a complete set of strategies" for dealing with the health care issue.

Gordon faces Democratic nominee Mary Throne and Constitution party candidate Rex Rammell in the race for Governor of Wyoming.

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