Students in the Thompson School District will be back in school earlier than planned, with the key factor being that COVID-19 tests are coming back much sooner.

Those students/parents who have already stated that they want 'remote learning' will be able to continue doing that, but those who want 'In-Person' learning, September 28, 2020, will begin the staggered return to classrooms.

Thompson School District released info about the return on its website.

According to the Reporter-Herald and the Thompson School District, the district feels that the time is right to have those who want to come into the schools to be able to do so; as the turnaround on getting the results from COVID-19 tests is now roughly two days, as opposed to the nearly eight days, earlier in the year.

The 'eight days' timeframe made tracing of the virus too difficult to have students in classrooms. Also, with Larimer County's percentage of positive cases now beneath Colorado's 5% benchmark (3.5%), conditions are in much better shape for the schools.

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