We've seen plenty of big houses that Wyoming has to offer but that doesn't mean there aren't some homes that make the most of more cozier spaces in the Cowboy State. When searching for real estate, so many people want to go on Zillow or some other site to find the home that's best for them. But some of the best don't need that much space.

These types of homes can be found on 'Tiny House Listings'. And wouldn't you know it, Wyoming has two of the tiniest homes, but the inside is something that you can't miss!

If you're wondering what kind of size a home must be to qualify as being considered as 'tiny', then just know that the two homes that showed up on Tiny House Listings have 392 square feet and 293 square feet. The one with 293 square feet also has two bedrooms and one bathroom. That's utilizing your space right there. Like we said, these houses definitely look bigger on the inside.

The first is the one with 392 square feet. It has one bedroom, one bathroom, and is selling for just $18,000 in Buffalo, WY. The second, the one with 293 square feet that still has two bedrooms and two bathrooms is a little steeper pricewise, but due to the fact that everything is brand new definitely has a lot to do with it. It's selling for $75,000 in Torrington, WY.

But that's enough talk about these two 'tiny' homes that are remarkably bigger on the inside, let's see what they both have to offer!...

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