The 62nd Wyoming Legislature has convened in Cheyenne for its general session, which is set to run through early March. The budget, healthcare and education seem to be the top issues on lawmakers minds.

Casper Senator Charlie Scott  (S-30), Chairman of the senate health, labor and committee says there are a lot of big ticket items facing the legislature this year, among them is what the state is going to do about Medicaid.

we've got a medicaid reform bill....on what the possibilities are of reducing the medicaid program

Senator Hank Coe (S-18), Chairman of the Senate Education committee, says education accountability is going to be a big issue as well. He says lawmakers thought they would have an accountability model already, but that is not the case.

the accountability model was supposed to be done in October and we have had to delay that until June of 2013

Representative Matt Teeters (H-5), Chairman of the House Education Committee, says he feels the state has "lost a year" in getting the education accountability model done.

maybe we were too ambitious in our time frame but there is no questions we have had major issues in being able to manage and collect the data that we need...

Teton County Representative Ruth Ann Petroff (H-16) says her constituents are concerned about several issues including a proposal to cut tourism funding by about $1 million dollars.

I would have supported that if our revenues had been below where we expected them to be....

Petroff says a proposal to raise game and fish license fees is also a concern for local outfitters and hunters and anglers.

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