Despite the defeat of a proposal to add about 17,600 low-income adults to the state's medicaid program, supporters say they were encouraged by the debate.Senate Minority Whip Senator Bernadine Craft(SD-12)says the debate was good and she hopes it helped educate some of the lawmakers and constituents about what the expansion would mean.

the other thing that I heard that I think was very positive, is I think those who opposed it were very open to hearing it next time....

Lawmakers are set to begin debating the $146.7 million dollar supplemental budget bill next week. the bill includes $76.8 million in new general fund spending, $10.1 million in federal funds, $4.5 million from the school capital construction account and $55 million in other funds. the bill also recommends $62.1 million in budget reductions. Casper Senator Drew Perkins(SD-29), a member of the Joint Appropriations Committee, says it's been an interesting process this year.

and we spent a lot of time on it this year because of the eight percent cuts....

Meanwhile Senator Craft says she thinks the Legislature puts too much money into savings at the expense of other needs.

 we keep saying we are saving for a rainy day and the people out there say it's pouring...

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 4 to 1 against a bill that would have required doctors performing abortions in the state to provide women with specified information.the bill would have required doctors to tell patients that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer and causes the death of an unborn fetus.

The lottery bill passed second reading in the house. Cheyenne Representative Dave Zwonitzer(HD-9)explains why he sponsored the bill.

well I think one of the main reasons we are looking at the lottery bill right now is we have a lot of money going out of state....

Representative Nathan Winters(HD-28)says it's not a good policy for the state to be involved in gambling.

 for me the reason I brought an amendment the other day to have the lottery commission also include cruises to Hawaii and Jamaica...when you look at government getting involved in the entertainment industry...

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