Police In Fort Collins recently arrested a Loveland business owner for stealing a woman's underwear, and are concerned that he may have victimized others.

That's according to a post on the Fort Collins Police Services Facebook page.

According to the post, 55-year-old Randal Woodard runs a business called "Woodard Quality Landscaping." On June 8 he was installing a sprinkler system at a Fort Collins home. The woman who lived there left as Woodard was completing the job.

While she was gone, her home security system notified her that someone was in her home. She found out that Woodard had gone into her home and stolen some of her underwear. Police arrested Woodard after an investigation.

He was arrested on the following charges:

Second Degree Burglary (class 3 felony) 

Theft – Less than $50 (Petty Offense)

He was released on an $8,500 bond. Under Colorado law, a person convicted of second-degree burglary could be sentenced to up to 12 years in prison.

Police think he may have stolen underwear from other women, based on information discovered during their investigation and the fact that his business frequently gave him access to private homes.

According to the post:

“This is a disturbing violation of privacy, and it’s even more concerning when someone frequently works at different homes,” said Assistant Chief Kristy Volesky, who leads the Patrol Division. “Our officers and Victim Services team stand ready to pursue justice and provide support for anyone else who may have been victimized.”
Anyone with information about this suspect or other incidents may contact the Fort Collins Police Tips Line at 970-416-2825 or tipsline@fcgov.com."

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