Yellowstone experienced a moderate earthquake on Thursday that was the largest felt since 2017.

The USGS reported this was a 3.5 on the Richter Scale 50 km southeast of Old Faithful. About a half hour after that quake, there was a smaller 2.0 shaker just to the south. Two minor quakes that were in the low 1.0 range also occurred to the west of Shoshone Lake in Yellowstone.

Ben Ferraiulolo, the amateur seismologist we interviewed a few weeks ago, did a breakdown of these weird quakes that occurred in areas with no known fault lines.

Ben believes it's possible the quakes on Thursday in Yellowstone COULD be fore-shocks of a bigger quake in the months or years ahead.

It's worth noting there was an even larger quake in southwest Montana that registered a 4.2 near Manhattan, Montana.

It's worth checking in ever so often on the USGS earthquake page to keep up-to-date on what Yellowstone is up to.

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