Yellowstone National Park has been shaking more than usual today. As of this writing, there have been 49 measurable earthquakes just south of Yellowstone Lake.

I keep a pretty close eye on Yellowstone since it's a very active seismic place. But, even by the usual standards, there appears to be an uptick in earthquakes today. Here's what the USGS map looked like this afternoon.


None of these quakes has been large, but there have been many in the 2 to 3 magnitude range with the largest measured as a 2.8.

We interviewed Mike Poland, the lead scientist at the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory a few months ago and asked him what would concern him about the supervolcano. He said that the hundreds of earthquakes each month would suddenly become thousands. What is happening at Yellowstone today isn't even close to that standard in case you're thinking this is some kind of apocalyptic sign. Mike's interview is worth checking out if you'd like to know the science behind the seismic activity in Yellowstone.

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