Laramie County Clerk Debra Lee says the turnout for the 2016 general election on Tuesday was the highest ever recorded in the county.

Lee says a little over 41,000 county residents cast ballots on Tuesday, breaking the previous record of 40,179 set in the 2008 general election. Lee says there were so many voters at some voting centers that people had to wait an hour or more to cast their ballots.

But she says most people seemed pleased with the change in regulations that allowed local residents to cast their ballots at any of 13 voting centers in the county, rather than being assigned to a specific polling center based on their address.

She says that although she did hear "a couple of complaints about it." most people seemed to "like the freedom to go anywhere" to vote. She says her office will revisit both the number of voting centers as well as their general layout prior to the next election in the county.

Lee called the overall election turnout "quite remarkable."