The Laramie County Sheriff's Office is telling illegal drug dealers that the agency will be happy to send a deputy to their home to test the quality of their, ahem, err, umm merchandise using "expensive spectrometer things."

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Get our free mobile app can just go to the jail booking area for the free tests! That's according to a post on the agency's Facebook page.

""**Attention** Illicit Drug Dealers: LCSO will test the quality of the drugs you purchased for free. Just call us and we will send a deputy to your home.
We received a grant for two of these expensive spectrometer things that allow deputies to test drugs 6 feet away and through packaging, making their job safer. Other law enforcement agencies may call us if you need safe field testing of drugs; we also have one in our jail booking area. We are here to help!
If you are worried the cartel cut your meth with fentanyl, we can help - just call!"
Then again, who could imagine that drug cartels could do something so unethical as to cut their drugs to make more money?  Why, that would be dishonest!
While the post doesn't say it, rumor has it that you could also win free room and board at county expense if you take advantage of this free offer!

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