Ok, this is really cool. Over the past few weeks, as we've geared up for this week, THE WEEK, Cheyenne Frontier Days week. There have been tons of vehicles of nostalgia passed around throughout social media and as a society, we really love nostalgic things.

Now we have the Laramie County Library System telling us they're closed for Cheyenne Day, like most businesses today, but they at least took the edge off with some AWESOME pictures from years past. I'm a sucker for some black and white photos anyways, so this just puts it into high gear. Check these out, they're really cool

I love the Wrangler photo. I really want some of these in prints to hand around our office. They're really good conversation starters and aesthetically pleasing. It's fun to note that there are a ton of tourists lined up to go into the Wrangler, so this photo must have been taken during Cheyenne Frontier Days off season, or, one of the other 355 days out of the year.

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One of the photos is from 1980 and it looks way older. It's the one in front of the Depot with the Greyhound station there. The Depot Plaza has certainly changed a whole lot over the past 40 years! I also love the Union Pacific sign hanging off the Depot. I wonder if that still exists somewhere? I don't recall seeing it in the Depot Museum.

Either way, shout out to Laramie Library Services for sharing these photos, they're really cool!

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