Laramie County Health Officer Dr. Stan Hartman said Saturday that he was seeing some very encouraging signs in terms of the COVID-19 numbers in the county.

Hartman made the comments on the ''Weekend in Wyoming" program on AM 650 KGAB.

Hartman said one positive sign was that as of Saturday, no new cases of the coronavirus had been seen in the county for three days, although he added: "That doesn't mean we should let our guard down prematurely."

As of Saturday, Hartman said there were 109 known cases of COVID-19 in Laramie County, with another 54 probable cases. He said 76 Laramie County residents had recovered, and there had been one death from coronavirus in the county.

Hartman also said that Laramie County residents on the ''front lines" of the pandemic..first responders, grocery store employees, and others...don't seem to have been hit harder than the general public by the pandemic. Hartman credited local grocery stores with doing a good job of protecting their employees by doing things like having employees wear facemasks and installing plexiglass barriers between checkers and customers.

Looking at the statewide numbers, Hartman said that except for Fremont County ''where things are apparently heating up in disease activity" the rest of the state seemed to be "relatively quiet."  He went on to say ''I think the curve is flattening.'' Locally Hartman said he thought businesses and other local organizations have done a good job of following the guidelines and restrictions 'and I think that really has made a difference."

In the interview, Hartman also discussed the three-phase recovery plan that Laramie County has put forward for dealing with the pandemic, adding that there will likely be extensive changes to the plan as conditions change.

You can hear the entire interview with Dr. Stan Hartman in the audio attached to this article.

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