PREVIOUSLY: Wyoming State Bar Charges Filed Against Laramie County D.A.

Laramie County District Attorney Leigh Ann Manlove on Thursday evening issued a statement in regard to a formal charge filed against her with the Wyoming State Bar Board of Professional Responsibility.

The statement reads as follows:

District Attorney for the First Judicial District of Wyoming, Leigh Anne Grant Manlove, responded to the charge brought against her by the Office of Bar Counsel.

“Now that this matter is public and I am permitted to speak about it, I welcome the opportunity to ensure that the people of Laramie County who elected me get to hear all of the facts,” Manlove said. “I will be filing a formal response so that the public has the benefit of hearing both sides of the story,” Manlove said.

“Politics is a contact sport, and I knew that coming into office, but my number one priority is fulfilling my obligation as a public servant,” Manlove continued. “I have a job to do, and I will not lose sight of that, “Manlove said. “This process will unfold as it must, according to the Rules of Disciplinary Procedure, and I am confident I will be exonerated,” Manlove said

You can read about the complaint against Manlove here.

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