In the statement released Friday afternoon (April 17) from the Laramie Country COVID-19 Emergency Operations Center, officials say that there now are 69 documented positive cases of COVID19 in Laramie County.

In addition to the new cases, more than 178 individuals who have had contact with
these patients have been placed into quarantine to monitor for possible symptoms.

A total of 66 of the positive individuals are residents of Cheyenne, one from Burns, one from Albin, and one from Pine Bluffs.

Laramie County has 26 additional probable cases. Those are individuals that have
had close contact with a positive individual and are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.

As of Friday, 32 people in Laramie Country have recovered and 37 are still considered active

Wyoming currently has a total of 296 individuals who have tested positive, 105 individuals are considered recovered from COVID-19, and 191 continue to be active.

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