Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says people who think Plan Cheyenne is the local implementation of a United Nations document, known as "Agenda 21," are mistaken.

The 1992 document is billed by the UN as a non-binding guide to sustainable growth. Some critics argue it is a blueprint to one-world government control under the pretense of protecting the environment. Kaysen says the document had no influence on Plan Cheyenne and he has never heard of Agenda 21 influencing any city policy or debate.

Plan Cheyenne is a five-year guide to growth in the city which allows Cheyenne access to more than $100 million in various federal funds. Kaysen says the funds are a useful asset to a variety of local projects.

Opponents maintain the money comes with too many strings, and the plan seems designed to make Cheyenne a carbon copy of Fort Collins and other northern Colorado communities.