Technology is a fantastic thing for many aspects of life. Of course, I'd be the one rooting for more advancements to make life easier cause I am 24 and have grown up with all the coolest gadgets at my disposal. But what could that mean for our job force in the next 20 year? Or for the next 10 years for that matter?

First up on the list is jobs that require a person behind the wheel. I'm talking about any form of driving. Taxi, Uber, FedEx, Ups, all of those things could be 100% automated in the next couple of years. Which could be a good thing for traffic jams and getting things delivered even sooner since robots don't get tired and don't have to stop to use the restroom as humans do.

Another big one that we have already seen a huge impact on is farming in the cowboy state. Most of the day to day tasks that used to require a ton of manual labor can be done while sitting behind a desk and using your computer to do what used to require 10 men and a full days work.

This is one that we see growing each and every day, not only in Wyoming but throughout the United States. Being a cashier is one of those jobs that is quickly going away. Now you can even do most of your shopping for groceries from your phone or computer and have someone load them up in your vehicle for you. I don't think that we are too far away from having a robot do most of the daily tasks at your local food mart.

Take a look at this video by on YouTube that shows some other jobs that we might see disappearing in the near future.



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