The wife of Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders told a crowd of several hundred people in Cheyenne Tuesday that it's time to take back America from billionaires and big corporations.

Jane Sanders told the gathering that among the changes her husband would make is a move  to a single-payer health care system to remove the profit motive from the medical system, replacing it with universal healthcare.

She said media reports tend to focus on the increased taxes a single payer system would cost without mentioning the fact that most people would more than make up the difference in reduced healthcare premiums.

Sanders said that while her husband clearly believes in phasing out fossil fuels as quickly as possible, he also believes in doing everything possible to help those who lose their jobs in the energy industry.

She says that would include things like job-retraining programs, standing up for the laid off workers by demanding strong pension programs and making sure their benefits are being paid.

She says ideally her husband would try to "get ahead of the curve" with industries that are dying out and making sure the people working in those industries would be able to move into "the jobs of the future" including renewable energy industry jobs in areas like wind and solar power.

On the issue of the legal status of marijuana, Jane Sander said Senator Sanders favors removing pot from the Schedule 1 category under federal law and leaving the issue to the states.

She warned that while President Obama has not forced states such as Colorado to enforce the federal laws against pot, a future president could reverse that policy at any time.