UPDATE: Dog Haus Announced It Hopes to Reopen. Get the Details HERE.

Fans of chili dogs and burgers served on King Hawaiian rolls will have to look elsewhere for their fix. As of yesterday, March 5, Cheyenne's Dog Haus Biergarten has closed its doors.

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Yesterday afternoon, the news began spreading that Dog Haus had notified employees the restaurant would close for good on Sunday. I, frankly, was shocked. I remember when they opened in 2020, the restaurant was a popular new place to get delicious food and brews. What's more, the restaurant was a survivor.

Dog Haus has weathered COVID-19, opening amid 2020's many economic upheavals that hit most restaurants in town hard. But Dog Haus prevailed; it survived COVID-19's storm. So, were they really closing? I reached out to Dog Haus to confirm - the restaurant did, sadly, confirm that the doors closed for business yesterday. The closure comes just shy of the restaurant's third anniversary, which would have been on March 16.

Where's the Closest Dog Haus to Cheyenne?

If you find yourself fiercely craving rootbeer battered corn dogs, you'll have to drive to Denver to get them. However, a closer Dog Haus is set to open in Windsor, based on the Dog Haus locations map.

Will Dog Haus Reopen?

As of writing this, there's no word on whether Dog Haus will reopen its doors. It's a franchise brand, so perhaps a new investor will open a new branch of the Dog Haus in Cheyenne one day.

For now, if you are craving a chili dog, you can check out Nay & Jay's food truck, Five Guys, DQ, or Sonic to satisfy your appetite.

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