Wyoming has a long-standing tradition of welcoming migrating Americans into our state. Our state began thanks to the 'migrating' pioneers who built the railroad and blazed trails across the prairies. In the 1860s, Wyoming was the place to be. We had more millionaires living in the city than Paris! Our opera house was booming; our economy was golden. Folks were moving to Wyoming in droves.

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And according to a new study by legal experts, Shoreline Immigration, Wyoming, is about to be a hot spot once more. The study analyzed data on healthcare quality, job openings per 100,000 people, school quality, the housing market, average salaries, and violent crime per 100,000 people to determine the best states to move to in 2024.

A brief message to folks moving to the Equality State: Welcome to Wyoming; we're glad you're here..as long as you don't plan on shaking up the whole state. We like the way things work here.

Wyoming Named Second Best State to Move to in 2024

Based on the data, the study expects Wyoming to see a population boom in 2024 as transplants from other states migrate to the state. Here's why the study ranked Wyoming as the second-best state to move to in 2024:

Wyoming takes the silver medal with a final index score of 71.21 out of 100. The Cowboy State has the highest school quality in the top ten states – considering factors such as graduation rates and the number of students per teacher – at 50 out of 100. Wyoming's average salary is also $71,342, 13.6% higher than the national average.

The study went on to call Wyoming one of the most desirable, safe, and affordable states for folks to "relocate" to.

Ahead of Wyoming was New Hampshire, which ranked higher in healthcare (67/100) and violent crime (126/100,000) and lower in education stats (37/100) than Wyoming. Trailing behind Wyoming were Virginia and Rhode Island. The neighboring states of Colorado and Montana did not make the list.

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Other Reasons Folks Move to the Cowboy State:

  1. No state income tax.
  2. Beautiful scenery.
  3. Great air quality.
  4. National parks.
  5. Low sale and property tax.
  6. Excellent education system.
  7. Mild summer weather.
  8. Friendly people.
  9. Safe for families.
  10. No mega-cities - you can actually see the stars!

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