"Out of the mouth of babes," the old saying from the Bible goes.

That's where some adults can find the greatest wisdom.

In this case, it's a 6-year-old who is asked by Mom if they should go see the guiser up the walkway.

The kid says NO!

Mom is baiting him, but he knows the answer.

Because we might get RAMMED!

Good answer kid.

So, mom wants to know, then why are all of those other people up there?

You'll love his answer, in the video below.

He's not afraid to say it.


At the same time watch his sister standing behind him.

She's not involved in the conversation but it's funny just to watch her stand there, listening.

Smart kids, stupid adults.

Does something happen to some of us as we get older that causes some of us to lose common sense?

Then again, there are people who are just born stupid and will never recover.

Back in August Cowboy State Daily ran a headline that read:

It’s Been A Banner Season For ‘Stupid Tourist Tricks’ In Yellowstone

They pointed out the high levels of stupidity this year.

Some included parents picking up their kids and bringing them close to dangerous animals.

I bet this kid would have been yelling "PUT ME DOWN!"

In one case there was a mother bear and cubs, some idiot picked up his daughter and ran toward the cubs.

That's just asking for a full-blown ass-kicking of all humans involved.

Thankfully Mama Bear and her cubs moved away rather than facing what they might have thought was an attack.

So let's start listening more to kids like this 6-year-old and NOT BE STUPID.

Do you remember that old TV show, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

I'd like to put that TV show back on the air and have this kid go up against the adults we see in the video.

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