Are you going to Cheyenne Frontier Days?

There are so many ways to have fun while there.

People-watching is one of them.

Here is how you can turn people-watching into a sport and a contest between you and your friends and family

Cheyenne Frontier Days Bingo.

We've set up three different bingo cards with various options.

You can use your cell phone or print them out. Your choice.

And it's all good clean fun.


There are so many different types of people we needed to invent more than one card.

That means more chances to win.

Since Frontier Days last for a couple of weeks, you'll have plenty of opportunities to find all of these people.



The real problem would be if YOU were listed on one of these cards but did not know it.

There you have people looking at you, doing a little celebration dance, and marking something down.

If you see that, go check yourself in a mirror.

You might be on one of these cards.


Trust me, you WILL see these people.

It's just a matter of who sees them first.

Have a good time wandering around Cheyenne and Frontier Park with your lists.

See something on the list, mark it, and move on.

The first person to get bingo wins.

What that person wins is up to you folks.

With all the great food at Cheyenne Frontier Days, I would say bet lunch or an ice cream.

Have fun!

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