FINALLY, summer arrives in Wyoming.

Temperatures have left that weird cool wet stage we were in and here comes the HEAT!

There are some great ways to beat the heat.

For tips on how, just have a look at these CUTE-as-all-hell dogs, doing what they do best in the summer.

Maybe they should teach humans how to pant.

All we do is SWEAT and complain.

Just hand your head out the window and SLOBBER!

That seems to help.


Anyone for a dip in the pool?

Why don't adults do the kiddy pool things like dogs and kids?

It's cheap and it sure and hell beats down the heat.

Fill up a plastic pool and you don't have to ask young people and their pets if they want to go in.

So why do we have to talk adults into it?

What happened to us?

Big Cheese Photo
Big Cheese Photo

Next is a video of pets that have just said SCREW THIS and did what they had to do to beat the heat.

Here again, why do we have to talk adults into this?

What happened to us?

As kids, we would have acted just like these dogs.

OBVIOUSLY, they have the right idea.

Here's a collection of smart animals in the video below.

The grass is cool.

Go lay down in the grass.

Though, with the temperatures we have coming I suggest doing it in the shade.

Bring a nice cool drink and maybe something to read.

Being outside on a hot day can be a cool thing if done right.

This pup, below, proves it.


Sometimes all you have to do is bring out the garden hose.

Turn it on and spray it at everyone.

At first, they complained, but then they start getting into it, and here comes the fun.

Once again, kids and pets have adult humans beat on this one.

Don't be a pooper, GET THE HOSE OUT!

Here is a collection of videos of dogs VS garden hoses.

Who will win?

So you see, just sitting around complaining about the heat is a waste of good fun.

You'll hear a lot of advice on how to beat the heat this summer.

The real answer is, BEAT IT BY HAVING FUN WITH IT!

If you've forgotten how to do that then just watchdogs and kids and you might just remember what YOU used to do when you were younger.

So, put some shorts on and get out there.

Summer is all about outdoor fun.


Go bury yourself in the sand by a lake or something.

SEE, this little guy has the right idea.

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