How do we think of this?

Painting in metal?

Sculpting in metal?

They both seem true when you look at the work of this Casper Wyoming artist.

That's why Wyoming PBS featured her recently, and the work - art - she creates.

Betsy Bower uses her steel working talents to show people different ways to grow and develop.  Whether doing commission work, exploring her own ideas, or offering classes, Betsy hopes to cultivate communities and make connections based on artistic ideas. (Wyoming PBS).

Betsy Bower is a Casper native.

She has Bower lived in many places over the years. But she always comes back to Wyoming.

She did not have to go to school to learn what she does. She learned it from her dad.

“I feel like it’s in my genes,” Bower said of her inclination towards art. “My grandpa made me an easel for Christmas when I was, like, 5 or something like that. I gravitated towards it, naturally, and I felt like I was good at it.”

I'm not just putting pieces on the wall to try and impress people, because I don't feel like that what art is really about.

Betsy did straight commission work for about 11 years.

But now she's decided to teach the craft of metal art.

She speaks of bringing art from her dreams, and she's teaching it.

The process of doing an art piece out of a dream images helps you to bring it into the physical realm.

There is something meditative about her process. She wants to build a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind. In that way, her art is more than just art. It's a conversation with a part of our brain that only talks when we are asleep.

This Wyoming PBS has a very creative end featuring Betsy. You'll want to stay until the end for that.


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