Exploration is not over.

The world is filled with travelers.

It's just easier with today's highways.

Eva Zu Beck is not from America, but she is now traveling to America in a van to learn what she can.

In a recent episode, she traveled to "The Loneliest State In America." 


I'm a raw adventurer seeking the experience of feeling alive. I live by the words "the world belongs to the brave".

Right now, I'm living Expedition Wild - driving the length of the Pan-American Highway in my Land Rover Defender, which I converted into a 4x4 mini-cam (Eva Zu Beck).

She loves the state.

But is curious as to why people live so far away from other people.

She was good enough to not assume but to ask the people of Wyoming as she traveled across the state.

She stopped into the tiny town of Kinneir to chat with someone at their only local store.

Kinnear is an unincorporated community in central Fremont County, Wyoming, United States. It lies along U.S. Route 26 near its intersection with Wyoming Highway 133, northwest of the city of Riverton and north of the city of Lander, the county seat of Fremont County. Its elevation is 5,400 feet.

She found that the people of Wyoming love visitors.

But they also love for visitors to keep on moving.

Wyomingites embrace their isolation.

It's quiet and simple out there.

Almost drama-free.

That's the point.

The photo below is of someone she spoke to in Tensleep, Wyoming.

attachment-Ten Sleep Wyoming YouTube

The lady from Ten Sleep thinks that people from big cities are missing out because they don't live in a small town.

But isolated did not mean lifeless.

Wyoming towns have a lot going on.

She was awed that Yellowstone has 3 million visitors a year.

But Wyoming has just over 500,000 in population.

If you passed up her video, above, please go back and watch it.

She was in AWE or our state and it shows in the majestic way she edited her video.

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