With the creators of "South Park" now owning one of Colorado's most notable restaurants, you can expect a lot of fun. Will the restaurant's new menu include one particular food item from their show that might go unappreciated?

it's one of the biggest restaurant stories in Colorado history, how Matt Stone and Trey Parker bought the much-loved and much-maligned Casa Bonita in September of 2021. The two have seen to revamping the classic Mexican restaurant, including hiring a well-known Executive Chef (not Isaac Hayes.)

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Of course, the reason that Stone and Parker purchased Casa Bonita is because their comedy "South Park" featured the restaurant on a classic episode.

In case you missed it: It was season 7, Episode 11- in that episode, "Casa Bonita," Cartman goes to great lengths to prevent Butters from being a part of Kyle's birthday party, being held at Casa Bonita, so that he can go in Butter's place.

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That episode is one of many people's favorites, especially if they've ever been to Casa Bonita. It's great how Stone and Parker (and their team) built a classic Cartman story around the classic eatery on Colfax.

You have to go back a couple of seasons to see the one food item that you probably will not find at the new Casa Bonita, even it it were a common Mexican dish.

From 2001, it's episode four from season 5: "Scott Tenorman Must Die."  In the episode, again featuring Cartman, Cartman seeks revenge on a 9th grader who ripped Cartman off in a series of pranks. Cartman's revenge ranks up there in the "most evil things" Cartman has ever done.


So, you can see where Casa Bonita definitely won't be adding "chili" to their new menu. On the other hand, being that it's Matt Stone and Trey Parker, maybe they will add it to the menu, just for the fun of it.

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