The huge Simplot Games Indoor Track meet was held over the weekend on the campus of Idaho State University in Pocatello and once again, a huge Wyoming contingent took part. Overall, there were well over 2000 athletes from 19 states and 3 countries competing so it was an elite-level meet.

There were 2 individual champions from Wyoming as Natrona's Kaiden Lee won the high jump at 6 feet inches and he also placed 2nd in the triple jump. Sheridan's Ryder Charest won the boys' freshmen 1600 and team-wise, the Thunder Basin boys 4x200 relay team placed first. Here is a rundown of the top two Wyoming finishers in each event.

Boys 60 Meter Dash:

Adam Gibson-Campbell County (2nd) 6.94

Tegan Krause-Cheyenne Central (17th) 7.19

Boys 60 Meter Hurdles:

Aiden O'Leary-Sheridan (8th) 8.42

Bridger Anderson-Natrona (10th) 8.44

Boys 200 Meter Dash:

Gabe Hutchinson-Evanston (8th) 22.68

Bridger Norton-Thunder Basin (10th) 22.72

Boys 400 Meter Dash:

Brad Ekstrom-Thunder Basin (6th) 50.0

Chase Holler-Douglas (16th) 53.40

Boys 800 Meter Run:

Jonah Rigg-Cheyenne Central (11th) 2.00.54

Tanner Johnson-Douglas (13th) 2.00.92

Boys 1600 Meter Run:

Race Morrell-Cheyenne Central (11th) 4.20.31

Kaden Chatfield-Riverton ( 12th) 4.21.20

Boys Freshman 1600 Meter Run:

Ryder Charest-Sheridan (1st) 4.33.66

Aadan Luna-Sheridan (3rd) 4:36.08

Boys 3200 Meter Run:

Jase Burton-Star Valley (11th) 9.22.25

Boys 1600 Sprint Medley:

Thunder Basin (9th) 3.45.67

Douglas (10th) 3.47.13

Boys 4x200 Relay:

Thunder Basin (1st)  1.31.86

Sheridan (4th) 1.33.05

Boys 4x400 Relay:

Thunder Basin (2nd)  3.25.61

Sheridan (5th)  3.26,25

Boys 4x800 Relay:

Cheyenne Central (3rd)  8.00.36

Sheridan (10th) 8.23.30

Boys Long Jump:

Sam Melchior-Cheyenne Central (6th) 20-6.75

Seth Wilson-Natrona (11th)   20-1

Boys High Jump:

Kaiden Lee-Natrona (1st) 6-6

Nolan Hottell-Thunder Basin (10th) 6-2

Boys Triple Jump:

Kaiden Lee-Natrona (2nd) 46-6.75

Charlie Coles-Cheyenne Central (8th) 41-10-5

Boys Pole Vault:

Kavin Hoff-Natrona (3rd) 15-6

Maddix Blazovich-Rock Springs (6th) 15-0

Boys Shot-Put:

Quade Jordan-Rawlins (6th) 53-1

Raynor Ranum-Campbell County (7th) 52-11.5

Girls 60 Meter Dash:

Valerie Jirak-Star Valley (8th) 7.76

Saige Gustafson-Natrona (11th) 7.83

Girls 60 Meter Hurdles:

Jaylee Antonino-Mountain View (5th) 9.29

Ruby Jacobs-Sheridan (8th) 9.36

Girls 200 Meter Dash:

Brooklyn Asmus-Torrington (8th) 25.74

Talia Conrad-Evanston (9th) 26.19

Girls 800 Meter Run:

Ada Nelson-Cody (5th) 2.16.67

Jocelyn Capener-Evanston (17th) 2.24.62

Girls 1600 Meter Run:

Ashley Gross-Natrona (17th) 5.20.85

Emma Hofmeister-Cheyenne Central (25th) 5.24.05

Girls Freshman 1600 Meter Run:

Kieran Giraldo-Laramie (5th) 5.26.59

Sofia Rose-Cheyenne Central (6th) 5.27.47

Girls 3200 Meter Run:

Maggie Madsen-Cheyenne East (3rd) 10.59.34 - School Record

Madison Antonino-Pinedale (7th) 11:07.57

Girls Sprint Medley:

Natrona (4th) 4.17.74

Evanston  (6th) 4.20.53

Girls 4x200 Relay:

Kelly Walsh (5th) 1.46.23

Thunder Basin (8th) 1.47.52

Girls 4x400 Relay:

Thunder Basin (8th) 4.15.09

Sheridan (12th) 4.21.90

Girls 4x800 Relay:

Cheyenne East (5th) 10.02.13

Sheridan  (7th) 10.07.22

Girls Long Jump:

Taliah Morris-Cheyenne East (2nd) 19-0

Valerie Jirak-Star Valley (4th) 17-9

Girls Triple Jump:

Claire Lubben-Thunder Basin (8th) 35-7

Melody Zumbrunnen-Lusk ( 12th) 33-1.25

Girls High Jump:

Ashley Rogge-Thunder Basin (4th) 5-4

Valerie Jirak-Star Valley (6th) 5-2

Girls Pole Vault:

Lilly Charest-Sheridan (7th) 10-9

Girls Shot-Put:

Teagan Becker-Kelly Walsh (2nd) 40-10

Harper Boche-Torrington (4th) 39-9.5

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Gillette Indoor Track Meet

Gillette Indoor Track Meet

Gallery Credit: Shannon Dutcher, Frank Gambino

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