It's time for wrestling and the annual Powell Athletic Roundtable Tournament was one of the season-opening events. It's a huge tournament with Wyoming and Montana teams competing. On the boys' side, Laurel, Montana finished first in the team standings with 192.5, Lockwood, Montana was 2nd, Huntley Project, MT 3rd, Powell was 4th, and Natrona 5th. There are new weight classifications for boys wrestling this year to adhere to national standards. So they are: 106, 113, 120, 126, 132, 138, 144, 150, 157, 165, 175, 190, 215, and 285 Here's a rundown of the top Wyoming finisher in each weight group.

106 lbs.   Wyatt Nicholson-Powell                        (1st)

113 lbs.   Kaden Orr-Natrona                               (3rd)

120 lbs.   Tristen Tromble-Natrona                       (4th)

126 lbs.   Ty Peterson-Cody                                 (2nd)

132 lbs.   Trey Smith-Cody                                   (1st)

138 lbs.   Loomis Alexander-Greybull/Riverside   (1st)

144 lbs.   Kannon Grant-Cody                              (3rd)

150 lbs.   Jameson Siemans-Natrona                   (1st)

157 lbs.   Hunter Velarde-Lander                          (4th)

165 lbs.   Beau Russell-Natrona                           (2nd)

175 lbs.   McKale Foley-Powell                             (3rd)

190 lbs.   Wyatt Trembly-Dubois                           (1st)

215 lbs.   Jimmy Dees-Powell                               (1st)

285 lbs.   Rosendo Garcia-Lovell                          (1st)

The girl's wrestling competition was fierce in the Powell Tournament with Lockwood, Montana placing 1st in the team standings with 82 points. Campbell County was 2nd. Hardin, MT 3rd, Powell 4th and Shoshoni 5th. Here are the weight divisions for girls wrestling this season: 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 155, 170, 190, and 235. The top finishers in each weight class for the ladies are as follows:

100 lbs.   Eden Caydee-Powell                            (3rd)

105 lbs.   Hailey Wall-Worland                              (3rd)

110 lbs.   Allison Leblanc-Powell                           (1st)

115 lbs.   Lilly Quintanilla-Thermopolis                  (1st)

120 lbs.   Emerald Nava-Campbell County           (3rd)

125 lbs.   Brueklyn Truempler-Shoshoni               (2nd)

130 lbs.   Jordan Nielson-Lander                           (3rd)

135 lbs.   Karlie Balfanz-Campbell County            (1st)

140 lbs.   Elizabeth Holloway-Greybull-Riverside  (1st)

145 lbs.   Abrianna Kiser-Shoshoni                        (2nd)

155 lbs.   Alix Sorensen-Thermopolis                     (1st)

170 lbs.   Ashton Hubbs-Cody                                (1st)

190 lbs.   Harley Hunter-Campbell County             (1st)

235 lbs.   Aaliyah Marquez-Dubois                         (1st)

We also want to share a ton of photos from the Powell Tournament, compliments of Dave Treick, Adria Trembly, and Bridget Truempler. They can be located in our gallery below. Enjoy!

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Powell Wrestling Tournament-2023

Powell Wrestling Tournament-2023

Gallery Credit: Dave Treick, Bridget, Truempler, Adria Trembly,

Wyoming High School Wrestling
Photo Courtesy: Adria Trembly

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