After the Class 3A and 4A boys’ basketball state tournaments concluded, the first postseason awards were revealed with all-conference honors on Sunday. The coaches voted on these players and selected a Player of the Year and a Coach of the Year. There were 16 players selected in 3A in the two regions, East and West, for all-conference. For class 4A, 14 players were chosen from the two regions. Class 4A also released a Defensive Player of the Year honor.


If a name is misspelled, please email These were the names provided to WyoPreps.

Additional information for the Coach of the Year and a 3A all-defensive team has been provided to WyoPreps.

Class 3A

3A East

Brady Engling, Buffalo

Cam Johnson, Buffalo

Eli Patterson, Buffalo

Levi Curtis, Douglas

Nate Halquist, Douglas

Trennan Pearson, Douglas

Trey Rinn, Douglas

Collin Roberts, Douglas

Brodie Zwetzig, Douglas

Casey Sarvey, Glenrock

Wyatt Cole, Newcastle

Jaxson Allard, Rawlins

Jose Morales, Rawlins

Mac Hibben, Torrington

Brock Peasley, Wheatland

Bryce Stenson, Wheatland

Player of the Year = Nate Halquist, Douglas

Coach of the Year = Mick Cochran, Wheatland

3A West

Bennett Washburn, Lander

Parker Andeson, Lovell

Davin Crosby, Lovell

Owen Walker, Lovell

Caleb Smith, Lyman

Colt Henrie, Mountain View

Josh Gosar, Pinedale

Bridger, Kaiser, Pinedale

Owen McMillen, Pinedale

Gunnar Erickson, Powell

Brock Johnson, Powell

Alex Jordan, Powell

Trey Stenerson, Powell

Brody Potter, Thermopolis

Brian Caballero, Worland

Owen Page, Worland

Player of the Year = Brock Johnson, Powell

Coach of the Year = Mike Heny, Powell

3A All-Defensive Team

Eli Patterson, Buffalo

Nate Halquist, Douglas

Trey Rinn, Douglas

Brodie Zwetzig, Douglas

Owen Walker, Lovell

Carter Bradshaw, Lyman

Josh Gosar, Pinedale

Brock Johnson, Powell

Lee Raser, Wheatland

Brody Thiel, Worland

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WyoPreps has been provided with additional information for Class 4A special awards.

Class 4A

4A East

Lane Hladky, Campbell County

Joe Sawyer, Cheyenne Central

Sam Shumway, Cheyenne Central

Cam Hayes, Cheyenne East

Drew Jackson, Cheyenne East

Nathan Mirich, Cheyenne East

Jaden Smith, Laramie

Neil Summers, Laramie

Colton Rogers, Natrona County

Truman Degrange, Sheridan

Cael Hamrick, Sheridan

Garrett Spielman, Sheridan

Bodie Williams, Thunder Basin

Gibby Williams, Thunder Basin

Player of the Year = Joe Sawyer, Cheyenne Central

Defensive Player of the Year = Drew Jackson, Cheyenne East

Coach of the Year = Jim Shaffer, Cheyenne Central

4A West

Maddax Ball, Cody

Chase Hatch, Cody

Kai Barker, Evanston

Clayton Cook, Evanston

Theran Archibald, Green River

Seb Brunner, Jackson

Andrew Hanna, Jackson

Mason Eager, Kelly Walsh

Darrick DeVries, Riverton

Parker Paxton, Riverton

Kael Anderson, Rock Springs

Jevon Newman, Rock Springs

Max Jensen, Star Valley

Cooper Lancaster, Star Valley

Player of the Year = Parker Paxton, Riverton

Defensive Player of the Year = Theran Archibald, Green River

Coach of the Year = Matt Shumway, Star Valley

2024 State 3A Basketball-Thursday

2024 State 3A Basketball-Thursday

Gallery Credit: Frank Gambino

2024 State 4A Basketball Tournament-Friday

2024 State 4A Basketball Tournament-Friday

Gallery Credit: Frank Gambino

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