There's a saying we hear every tourism season here in Wyoming - the most dangerous "animals" in Yellowstone walk on two feet.

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Well, it's not wrong. Those two-legged animals wreak all kinds of havoc on the residents of Yellowstone National Park. They bother bison, harass elk, and ruin protected landmarks...and that's just naming a few of their dastardly deeds.

Yes, I'm talking about dumb tourists - or, as Wyomingites call them, tourons.

Now, not all tourists make stupid decisions in Wyoming's national parks. On the contrary, most are respectful and careful when visiting our most majestic natural wonders. But, alas, plenty of tourons are ruining the fun for the rest of Yellowstone's visitors.

The trouble with tourons is they are always ending up in the news for doing something exceedingly dumb. Like, Darwin himself would shake his head at their dumbness. Are they surviving to the next stage of evolution? Doubtful.

You would think after the first bison incident or elk goring hit mainstream media, visitors would have learned to leave the murder moos and other dangerous denizens of Wyoming wildlife alone. Or, if tourists thought the first incident was a fluke, maybe the second, third, fourth, heck, even the tenth incident might have clued them in.

But here we are, in a world where every spring, Wyomingites prepare themselves for the annual invasion of the tourons. We gather around youtube, the news, and social media, waiting for the onslaught of idiot tourist videos to arrive as visitors descend on the wilds of Yellowstone.

We watch in continued bewilderment, with plenty of sarcasm and wisecracks, as tourists act as if Yellowstone is a playground and its fluffy wildlife pets. The results? Shocking displays of stupidity, occasionally hilarious, almost always avoidable moments captured on camera. Moments immortalized for their idiocy...moments like these:


Elk vs. Tourist

Tourists Stray Too Close to Bison

Dumb Bison Moments on Camera

Man vs. Bison...Bison Wins

Bison Charges Through Crowd at Old Faithful

Tourons Pet Bison...Yeah, Don't Do That

Grizzly Goes for Car

Bison Charges Tourist Car

Tourons Approach Elk... Deathwish, Anyone?

Please...Don't Pet the Bison

Bears Chase Tourists

Tourists Get Too Close to Baby Bison (That's Also a Deathwish...)

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