Cowboy boots should be the official footwear of the Cowboy State, don't you think?

When you live in the Wyoming, living the cowboy life is much more achievable than other parts of the country. That doesn't stop cowboy fashion from being popular though. No matter where a little boy or girl was raised, being a cowboy or cowgirl was always a dream and some have continued having that dream.

Cowboy Boots In History

Boots have been standard footwear since the 11th century, and horse riding boots are thought to have been introduced to the horse riding world in Spain during the early 16th century. Eventually that style of boot was brought by the Spanish to Mexico. Sources say that we adopted the cowboy boot In the 1800's the became standard in the United States, from northern Mexico's style of boots based off of those Spanish riding boots. In the early days in Mexico didn't have many boot styles available, but once America got into the cowboy boot game, the options widened.


The basic idea was, to have a slick leather bottom to allow the boot to slide in and out of the stirrups easily and a thick heel to keep the foot from sliding too far. The tall upper part of the boot meant there was no need for laces, which could be an added danger for the horse rider and protect the lower legs from rubbing or being injured.

Just like everything, over time the boot quality, brands, styles, colors, features and appeal improved and became an option for everyone, not just cowboys or cowgirls. As time moved along and things like rodeo became more popular, the boots were even more important to those that participated in the lifestyle.

Even though the boots are still very important to the cowboy life, Hollywood movies have introduced the boot to more people. The boots have a fashion and non-cowboy appeal and have become way more than a tool of the cowboys.

In Wyoming, they're not just for fashion, but still used as the important tool they were created for. Just like all tools, there are lots of options available and choosing may be difficult.

Since Wyoming has boot-cred, we thought we give you a few of the top boot brands that Wyomingites wear.

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