You don't have to be athletic to play some sports, you just have to get out and do them.

One of those sports is disc golf, or to some frisbee golf. Think about it, you take a round piece of plastic and toss it.

The Highlander Classic
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Easy enough, don't you think?

Sure there are those that take the sport to the next level and compete in the Professional Disc Golf Association or the Disc Golf Association, but most of the time it's just a chance to get out and take in some fresh air.

Northside Park in Azusa
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The sport is as simple or difficult as you want it to be. The Basics are...

  • The discs, like golf clubs, come in multiple sizes and are designed for specific shots
  • Courses are set up so you have challenges like trees, small openings, water, rocks, sand or other hazards.
  • Throw the disc as many times as it takes to get it into the basket at the other end.

Of course those are a basic rundown of what happens. There are more rules, techniques and strategies that you'll want to research if you'd like.

There are even clubs and organizations locally that you can become a part of, like the Casper Disc Golf Club, Laramie County Disc Golf ClubWind River Disc Golf Club, or the Teton Disc Golf Club, as well as tournaments, leagues and disc golf events all over.

If you've never played you may think it would be boring or not very entertaining, but you'd be wrong.

Not only are you outside and getting exercise, but it can be a family affair and keep your kids off gaming systems and phones for a couple of hours.

Wondering where you can play? I've found a site that runs down disc golf courses all over the state. Actually, there are more disc golf courses in Wyoming that there are certain fast food restaurants.

Watch this video to learn how to play

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