Everything we love seems terrible for us somehow, depending on which study or research we read. How often have you heard that bacon is horrible for you and then read that you should eat more?

Therefore, I try not to look too deeply into some of those studies.

However, one piece of research I read shows that drinking coffee—depending on how much cream, sugar, or other additives you may put in it—isn't bad for us.

I know; I also jumped for joy.

Then I read the dreaded words, 'in moderation.' That phrase is one that I wish would disappear. Those words mean it will be better to eat one piece of pizza instead of the whole pie, drink just one beer instead of the entire 12-pack, or only one or two cups of coffee instead of the entire pot. Yeah, no kidding.

After reading that, I needed to dive deeper into coffee and see if my days would be ruined by being unable to drink it because it's not good for us.

One of the research studies I found concerned coffee and tea consumption and its effects on the body. The results are good news for coffee drinkers but bad news if you don't like the words 'in moderation.'

Because coffee is the most popular beverage in the world, it's always the subject of many studies. This study, which looked at 390,000 people, found that drinking 2 to 3 cups of coffee daily lowers the risk of cardiovascular and chronic respiratory disease by 35%.

That's great news.

Then I read the following line: The risk increases by 25% if you drink six or more cups of coffee daily.

That's not great news.

Until new research changes the outcomes of this study, if you drink 1 to 5 cups of coffee daily, you're probably okay. That Wyoming wind gust you heard wasn't wind but a sigh of relief from the state's huge coffee industry.

Wyoming coffee drinkers, you can celebrate by having another cup of coffee today.

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