It should go without saying but always use the 'safety first' motto when getting on a frozen body of water.

Ice has been a concern this year because of the unusually warm temperatures much of Wyoming has experienced. Just last week, multiple vehicles went through the ice at Boysen Reservoir, and melting ice caused the park to close the ice skating rink.

Due to unseasonably warm weather the ice rink at Boysen State Park is closed until further notice due to ice melting and creating open water along the shore next to the rink.

Over the years, incidents have proven how quickly a great day can turn deadly and miserable. This is especially true when considering going onto a Wyoming reservoir. The water levels continually fluctuate, and the Wyoming wind can create unsafe ice conditions.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department advises practicing ice safety with these ice tips.

  • Check the thickness every 100 to 150 feet.
    • Two inches stay off.
    • Four inches is safe for ice fishing and walking on.
    • Never take vehicles, ATVs, or snowmobiles on ice.
  • Be sure it's safe
    • Avoid pressure ridges.
    • Clear ice is stronger than white ice.
    • For white ice, double the recommended thickness.
    • Use an ice chisel or bar to test ice before walking on it.
  • Remember
    • Be prepared and never consider the ice 100% safe
    • Carry a floatation device.
    • Carry an ice safety pick.
  • Buddy System
    • Always have at least one other person with you when fishing on the ice.
  • Stay Warm
    • Have a change of clothes with you in case you get wet.
Powerful Video Proof Of The Dangers Of Wyoming Ice

Get out and enjoy, but use caution. Facebook groups like Ice Fishing Wyoming Lakes and Wyoming Ice Fishing constantly share ice details and other information about popular ice destinations in Wyoming.

Here's more video proof that just because the ice seems safe doesn't mean it is.

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Ice Fishing

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