The internet often makes you scratch your head and say hmmmm. This is definitely one of those occasions.

On Reddit, there is a group called 'Cool Guides,' and they put out picture-based guides for a bunch of different topics.

I stumbled across a new guide just released with the title "a cool guide to what every state is best at." It looks like they closed their eyes, picked random facts, and attached them to each state.

Here's the scratch-your-head part...

According to this "cool guide," Wyoming is best at having the lowest rate of Syphilis.

newborn baby portrait with funny shocked face expression

How is THAT the one thing chosen to represent what Wyoming is best at? It goes to show that people don't know much about us, do they?

When I first looked at the "guide," I thought it was all goofy answers, but I was surprised that most states had good ones.

  • Arizona is the sunniest state.
  • Iowa is the state with the lowest divorce rate
  • Oklahoma has the most artificial lakes
  • South Dakota is the best state for retirement
  • Utah is the most charitable

A cool guide to what every state is best at
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In case you were wondering, according to the CDC, the Syphilis information isn't even correct. Sure, Wyoming has a low number of cases (16) and a very low Syphilis rate per 100,000 people (2.8), but we're not the best. Vermont actually only has 9 cases and a 1.4 rate per 100,000 people. California has the most cases, with 8,724, and South Dakota has the highest rate per 100,000, with 48.7.


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