I'm sure you've heard the saying

cleanliness is next to Godliness

It seems this new trend called the "Everything Shower" is Gen Z's way of proving that.

What is an 'Everything Shower' you ask?

According to this video, it's an event where you spend an incredibly long time in the shower to take care of everything at least once a month. When I say incredibly long time in the shower, that could mean up to 3 hours. Constantly wasting hot water for up to 3 hours.


  • Washing Hair
  • Shaving Legs
  • Shaving Arm Pits
  • Deep Condition
  • Exfoliate
  • Skin Care
  • Other Self Care Practices
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Reading through the comments, some say that they take their everything shower at least once PER WEEK and some say multiple times per week.

Let's breakdown the impact that 'Everything Showers' have on our water

Time Spent: 3 hours = 180 minutes

Average normal shower = 8 minutes

Average water usage per minute per shower = 2.5 gallons

Average water usage in one normal shower = 8 minutes x 2.5 gallons of water = 20 gallons of water

Average water usage in one 'Everything Shower' = 180 minutes x 2.5 gallons of water per minute = 450 gallons of water for 1 'Everything Shower' per month

Average water usage for one 'Everything Shower' per week = 180 minutes x 2.5 gallons of water = 450 gallons x 4 times per month = 1,800 gallons of water for 4 'Everything Showers' per month.

Average water usage for 4 'Everything Showers' a month, per year = 180 minutes x 2.5 gallons of water per minute = 450 gallon x 4 per month = 1,800 gallons x 12 months per year = 21,600 gallons of water per year for 'Everything Showers'

On average, a normal household in the US will use 138 gallons of water per day. In Wyoming, we're a little higher at 144 gallons per day. That includes shower, toilet flushing, faucet use, washing machines, leaks, dishwasher and any other water use.

Can you imagine if every person, in every household in Wyoming, took just one 'Everything Shower' per month? The amount of water used would be more than our water system in Wyoming could handle and we'd be in BIG trouble.

In closing, showers are cool. 'Everything Showers' are not.

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