TUCSON, Ariz., -- Bowl season is really about who wants to show up and play, right?

I'm not saying Rice didn't care about playing in Tuesday night's Armed Forces Bowl, but it was pretty clear Texas State -- and its rabid, beer-drinking fanbase -- wanted it just a tad more.

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I've been to two Wyoming games in San Marcos. Really cool little stadium, wild patrons in attendance. After working in the Lone Star State for a handful of years, it became quickly apparent Texas State is the party school. It's awesome to see those people have a solid team to cheer for.

Congrats to the Bobcats on their first-ever postseason victory.

Will USC show up this week? How about Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Clemson, etc?

Those schools dreamed of playing on New Year's Day. They won't.


Here's this week's matchups and betting odds:

North Carolina (+6) vs. West Virginia

Louisville (-6.5) vs. USC

Texas A&M (+3) vs. Oklahoma State

SMU (-10) vs. Boston College

Rutgers (-1) vs. Miami

North Carolina State (+2.5) vs. Kansas State

Arizona (-3) vs. Oklahoma

Clemson (-4) vs. Kentucky

Oregon State (+6) vs. Notre Dame

Memphis (+10.5) vs. Iowa State

Missouri (+2.5) vs. Ohio State

Ole Miss (+4.5) vs. Penn State


Here are last week's results: 

Mat: 7-4
Jared: 6-5
Doug: 6-5
Katrene Lewis: 5-6
DJ: 5-6
Jen: 4-7
Cody: 4-7
Brittney Lewis Webber: 3-8
Here are our year-to-date records:
Doug: 140-53
Jared: 134-59
DJ: 130-63
Mat: 126-67
Cody: 124-69
Jen: 124-69
Here's our best bet this week and a great big thank you to former Wyoming offensive lineman Ryan Oman and his son, Micah Oman, who is a first-year cadet at the U.S. Air Force Academy, for joining us:
Jen Kost graphic
Jen Kost graphic

University of Wyoming’s Top 50 Football Players

During the summer of 2021, 7220Sports.com counted down the Top 50 football players in University of Wyoming history, presented by Premier Bone & Joint Centers, Worthy of Wyoming.

The rules are simple: What was the player's impact while in Laramie? That means NFL stats, draft status or any other accolade earned outside of UW is irrelevant when it comes to this list.

This isn't a one-man job. This task called for a panel of experts. Joining 7220's Cody Tucker are Robert GagliardiJared NewlandRyan Thorburn, and Kevin McKinney.

We all compiled our own list of 50 and let computer averages do the work. Think BCS -- only we hope this catalog is fairer.

Don't agree with a selection? Feel free to sound off on our Twitter: @7220sports - #Top50UWFB

Gallery Credit: 7220Sports.com

- University of Wyoming’s Top 50 Football Players

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