Josh Allen is going to be forced to pay $378,000 in taxes, approximately.

Let's start with what is the Jock Tax?

When you work, you pay a certain tax to each state that you work in. That is no different for professional athletes. When, and if, they earn money in a different state, they may have to pay taxes in that specific state hence the JOCK TAX.

Andrew Petcash, who is a money and data expert in sports, posted about Josh Allen and how his most recent deal that he signed with the Buffalo Bills, might cost him tons of money in Jock Tax. Petcash breaks down Allen's 43 million dollar salary and you will be surprised how much he ACTUALLY brings home.

It's actually kind of sad/sick/disappointing/surprising how much of our checks when we work go to the government.

The Buffalo Bills are in the process of getting a brand new stadium that will be built right across the street. The work is expected to be done by the time that the NFL 2026 season kicks off with some major improvements. As of November 2023, the town of Orchard Park, where the stadium is located, secured $100,000 in order to do a study about rezoning the area around the new Highmark Stadium.

The idea is to possibly rezone the area around the brand-new Bills stadium in order to get new and more businesses in the area and a study is being paid for in order to see what future options might look like. Possibly in the future, you may see more hotels, shopping centers, and restaurants. If you have ever been to other stadiums, they are nothing like Western New York.

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