With gas prices rising and people getting used to what it was like to pay high gas prices prior to the 2020 Covid:19 Pandemic, there is a gallon of liquid we use daily(for the most part and those not lactose intolerant) and that's milk! Yes, your milk money either increases or decreases state by state. The website Zippia decided to look into how much milk money that bully at school is going to take from you. Here's how they figured out the math since I'm not a math guy.

The data featured in the article comes from Ballotpedia.

Ballotpedia determined the the cost of one gallon of Great Value 2% Reduced Fat Milk at a Walmart located in each state’s capital. With the exception of Alaska, who’s capital Juneau has no Wal-Mart, so Anchorage was used instead.

Since Wal-Mart often offers cheaper prices than gas stations, convenience stores, and premium chains, this price may not reflect the price you see at the cash register.

Similarly, a Wal-Mart in or near the capital city was chosen– since more densely populated areas often have higher prices, a shopper in a rural city may see a lower sticker price.

Ultimately, this is not a good dataset for determining personal expenses. After all, you now very well how much a gallon of milk costs you. For that matter, you may not drink 2% milk, or milk at all.

Alright, so how much is milk in the surrounding states? Colorado has a price tag of $2.29, Utah $2.18, Idaho is cheaper at $1.69, Montana a little higher at $2.98(must have special cows) and Nebraska is very high at $3.13.

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What about the Cowboy State? We're one of the cheaper states in the country for grabbing a gallon of milk. Wyomingites are only paying $1.99 for a gallon of milk.

Via Zippia
Via Zippia

In the map, you can also see the states where it's highest. Not surprisingly, Hawaii is almost 5 bucks a gallon! That's some serious milk money!


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