An inmate at the Washakie County Detention Center has tested positive for coronavirus, but officials say the inmate never had contact with other inmates at the jail.

According to the Washakie County Sheriff's Office, the inmate made his way to Worland by way of New York State, Casper and then Worland. The individual mistakenly went to the wrong house in Washakie County and was arrested for breach of peace.

In a written statement, Washakie County Sheriff Steve Rakness said because the inmate came from New York state and other states with high coronavirus numbers, the inmate was held in isolation pending further investigation. Rakness said he requested a coronavirus test because of the inmate's travel history.

The inmate tested positive and is being quarantined at the jail.

As of Tuesday morning, the inmate has not shown any signs or symptoms of COVID-19. The arresting deputies and intake deputy at the jail have been placed in a 14-day quarantine.

Jail staff are continuously working to sanitize the detention center.

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