Cheyenne police say increasing their visibility at four problem intersections in the city is paying off.

Patrol officers have been swarming the intersections of Yellowstone Road and Dell Range, Yellowstone Road and Carlson Street, Dell Range and Converse Avenue, and
Dell Range and Ridge Road in an effort to reduce red light violations.

"We are seeing a reduction in crashes at those particular intersections, so obviously it's having an effect," said Officer Kevin Malatesta.

"The biggest one was at Dell Range and Converse," he added. "We saw a 40 percent decrease in crashes involving red lights at that intersection."

Malatesta says the department has made it a priority to decrease the number of red light crashes in 2017.

"We are still doing the red light enforcement in 2017," said Malatesta. "It's something we're going to be proactive about."

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