As of 5:30 a.m. today, January 3, I-80 between Laramie and Cheyenne remains closed due to winter conditions.

Wintery weather will continue to batter Wyoming today. The storm blanketing SE Wyoming in snow and ice on New Year's Day has left much of I-80 and I-25 closed or with travel restrictions in place for the last three days.

I-80 Closures


I-80 Westbound Routes from Laramie are closed. WY-DOT anticipates these routes will reopen in 10-12 hours.

I-80 Eastbound Routes from Laramie are open but slick with snowfall. Therefore, drivers should take caution when traversing these routes.


I-80 Westbound between Exit 335, Buford, and Exit 348, Otto Rd is closed. I-80 Westbound between Exit 348, Otto Rd and Exit 359, Junction I-25 is closed. The remaining portions of I-80 are open but slick with snowfall.

I-25 Conditions

I-25 routes are open across Wyoming. However, roads are slick with snowfall; drivers are encouraged to travel cautiously.

For more information on route closures, visit the WY-DOT website here.

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