If it's just you, and maybe some friends, and you don't have a lot of capital to get started, then grab a pan and start sifting. You might get lucky.

There is still a lot of gold in the creeks and streams in Wyoming. The best chance might be up around Jackson below the glacier deposits. Old gold mines also have a little left here and there to get you started.

Don't dig or pan until you have had a look at a few maps. No sense in wasting your time. The days of finding big nuggets are all but gone. But there is plenty of grains and dust to be had. Also, get a good metal detector. That will save a lot of work.

There are still bigger deposits in the state. It's just that you can't have them. Nothing personal.

Near Sundance the Coeur Mining, a Chicago-based company is working in Crook County. Most of what they are after are rare Earth minerals. But there is still gold to be had and they are after it.

Bloomberg lists The Wyoming Gold Mining Company incorporated in 2006 and is based in Riverton, Wyoming.

There are a few other's out there. Most of these companies operate in the same way as Coeure Mining. They are actually minding for one or two minerals, but they know that they will find a little gold along the way, which makes it worth the trouble.

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