Two weeks into the legislative session, several big issues have already made their way through at least one chamber. House Speaker Representative Tom Lubnau (HD-31) says the gas tax bill is now in the hands of the Senate.He adds, while he knows the bill is not popular, he believes it is necessary. Lubnau says another bill which calls for major changes to the Dept. of Education will be heard in the House Appropriations Committee.

 a lot of the problems the Legislature has been having with the Superintendent are budget problems....

Lubnau says appropriations committee is the most senior committee in the house and has the most institutional memory to deal with such a complex issue.

A bill that would require students to take math in their last year of high school passed second reading in the Senate. The bill's sponsor Laramie Senator Chris Rothfuss (SD-9) says the bill addresses an issue that happens all too often.

 young adults taking off their senior year from math.. forgot what they knew...

Uinta County Representative Allen Jaggi (HD-19) is proposing a bill that would allow people, under some conditions, to carry weapons into a school.

 so this bill says if you have been background checked., fingerprinted and have proficiency with firearms.....

Jaggi says the bill will likely be introduced in the house on Friday.

A bill that would allow for reciprocity of Adult Guardianship's across state lines is being considered in the senate. AARP spokesman Tim Summers says it will help avoid disputes among family members.

this act brings us into line with all of the neighboring states around Wyoming...

Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Senator Eli Bebout (SD-26) says he expects the budget will be on the floor for debate by the beginning of next week.

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