A spate of mass shootings have many calling for greater gun regulations, but some in the Cowboy State are aiming to loosen the state's gun control laws.

Even though efforts to repeal gun-free zones have been shot down by the Wyoming Legislature in recent years, there are still those who argue gun-free zones are a public safety risk because they block people from defending themselves and others.

State Superintendent Jillian Balow has stood firm against allowing guns in schools. She believes each school district should be able to set their own gun control policies, instead of having a statewide mandate.

"I really believe that when we have a statewide mandate, we're more worried about implementation versus the quality of implementation," said Balow. "I think that local school districts really, really need to have a say in that and conversations not only within their school districts, but within their communities."

Balow says while she's an ardent supporter of the second amendment, guns are rarely the answer when it comes to school safety.

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