A combination of high winds, hot temps and low humidity are making conditions ideal for grass fires.

"The temperatures and the humidity are really concerning for us right now," said Manny Muzquiz, Operations Chief for Laramie County Fire District #2. "We're hoping that the weather takes a change or we're going to be pretty busy."

Muzquiz says it still looks pretty green in the lower elevations, but up in the higher elevations it's starting to dry out really fast.

"A good week of this kind of weather with no rain ... It won't take long to get all this grass dried up, this tall grass that has grown over this summer with lots of rain," said Muzquiz. "When that happens we're going to be in for a big grass fire season."

Muzquiz asks that folks refrain from burning their trash when it's hot outside.

"It takes just one small ember to get loose from a barrel or an open burn pile, which you're not allowed to have, to start a big grass fire," said Muzquiz. "People need to remember that when those grass fires start and travel onto somebody else's property they can be cited for arson."

Muzquiz also recommends people check the Department of Environmental Quality website for burning requirements.

"As a state we've done a bad job of letting the public know what is allowed and what's not allowed as far a burning," said Muzquiz. "I recommend people go to the DEQ webpage, because in the state of Wyoming you're not even allowed to burn outside piles without getting a burn permit from the DEQ."